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Zefal Z Liner Bande Anti Crevaison Violet 50mm


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Fed up with flat tyres? The Z Liner is a protective tape made out of highly resistant polyurethane material and provides additional protection against the risk of getting a puncture.

The Z Liner is positioned between the inner tube and the tyre to prevent getting a flat tyre.

Various sizes are available depending on your tyre width.

Sold in pairs.

Ride along in peace thanks to the Z liner.


Material: Polyurethane

Colors: Grey (ref. 9722) / Blue (ref. 9738) / Orange (ref. 9721) / Purple (ref. 9723)

Weight: Road 35g x2 (grey) // Hybrid / Gravel 90g x2 (blue) // Hybrid / Gravel 60 g x2 (orange) // MTB 90g x2 (purple), Width: Road 19 mm (grey) / 34 mm (blue) / 27 mm (orange) / 50 mm (purple)

Wheel Ø: All diametres

Tire width: Road 23 mm, 25 mm, 28 mm (Grey) // Hybrid / Gravel 35 mm, 38 mm, 40 mm (Orange) // Hybrid / Gravel 47 mm. MTB 2.0'', 2.1", 2.2", 2.25" (Blue) // MTB 2.4'', 2.6", 2.8", 3.0" (Purple)

Customer Reviews

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Good enough, long term usage will tell the real tale

It fits as expected, but longer term usage will tell the real tale. Cant say how many punctures have been prevented in the short term, but its good as a puncture deterrent.

Duraimurugan Angamuthu
Very good product

Really an awesome product and now I’m able to roam anywhere in my cycle worry free

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