Cyclop Terms & Conditions

Cyclop Events Terms & Conditions

Refund, cancellations for events

Cyclop is a platform facilitating the connection between an event organiser/seller and a buyer. It strives to bring exclusive deals to cyclists. The event ticket or goods bought are not from Cyclop. They are from the seller.

For any refund, cancellation of participation or event please contact the seller or buyer directly. Cyclop directs the ticket fee to the seller and cannot refund the buyer.

Dispute Resolution
Cyclop is not responsible for managing any disputes, or adherence to the event organizer's rules. Both parties should interact directly to resolve disputes.

Cyclop is not responsible for the conduct by the seller or the buyer. Cyclop is a ‘at your own risk’ platform. The trust comes from the community and network of cyclists that is there to advise and guide you, and from the reviews provided by the community.

Authenticity of Information

The information about events and products is provided by the event organisers and sellers. Cyclop posts this information upon getting confirmation from the organizer/seller that it is true and accurate. The organisers/sellers are responsible for the authenticity of the reviews provided by them, quoting their customers. Cyclop may not be held accountable for this information.

Image Rights

Images are provided by the organisers/sellers as well i.e all images including event/product images and reviewers’ profile images. Cyclop is using these images under the confirmation that the images are owned by the organizer/seller. By sharing images the organizer is lending Cyclop complete usage rights. Cyclop is not liable to the original photographer for these images.

Content Rights

Cyclop is free to quote or screenshot any user’s content from the group to highlight the activity on the group. The admin will only share what has already been publicly shared on Cyclop.

Privacy and data

Cyclop will not share any user’s information, details and/or data with third parties.

Report to Admin

Cyclop is a community of cyclists. For any inconveniences or actions you’d like to point to the admin or REPORT kindly connect via the facebook group and message directly. When we stay informed we can keep improving the community.

Cyclop may update its T&C at any stage. It is the website and Cyclop group users’ responsibility to stay updated. By using the site and all community assets, the user is by default agreeing to the T&C.