Van Nicholas Rowtag Titanium Gravel Disc Frameset -
Van Nicholas Rowtag Titanium Gravel Disc Frameset -
Van Nicholas Rowtag Titanium Gravel Disc Frameset -
Van Nicholas Rowtag Titanium Gravel Disc Frameset -
Van Nicholas Rowtag Titanium Gravel Disc Frameset -
Van Nicholas Rowtag Titanium Gravel Disc Frameset -
Van Nicholas Rowtag Titanium Gravel Disc Frameset -
Van Nicholas Rowtag Titanium Gravel Disc Frameset -
Van Nicholas Rowtag Titanium Gravel Disc Frameset -
Van Nicholas Rowtag Titanium Gravel Disc Frameset -

Van Nicholas Rowtag Titanium Gravel Disc Frameset


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VAN NICHOLAS TITANIUM - Step into our world

Discover our high performance bikes, frames, state-of-the-art components and accessories, and technologically advanced apparel, all with the unmistakably timeless Van Nicholas aesthetic and commitment to high quality craftsmanship, durability and performance. If cycling means more to you than following the latest fashions; if you consider your bicycles to be life-long companions, not your latest toy; if you believe form and function are of equal importance, then we have just what you’ve been looking for.

ROWTAG - Adventure Seeker

Remember the first time you rode a bike? The exhilaration? The pure, unadulterated joy? We designed our range of Titanium Adventure bikes to allow you to recapture that feeling, to take you back to the moment you fell in love with riding. Bike-packing, gravel racing, or disappearing off for the day wherever the fancy takes you; however you use them, these bikes will make you feel young and free again.

Designed to be the most fun, in the most places. Supremely balanced geometry combined with multiple mounts, wheel and transmission configurations make this gravel racer the ideal companion for any adventure. Suitable for: 50-584 (27.5 x 2.00, 650B) / 45-622 (29 x 1.75, 700x45C) tires.

The Van Nicholas Rowtag is a new titanium bike that's capable of fast gravel blasts and multi-day adventure rides. It isn't the quickest off the line, but if you want stability, versatility and durability, you really can't go wrong here." -

Scope of Supply:

  • Frame: 2.07 kgs (Size-M)
  • VNT Front fork GVL Full Carbon Gravel (423 gram)
  • FSA headset (97 gram)

Not included: Shimano SM-AX720 100x12mm (front) and 142x12mm (rear) thru-axles.


  • Lifetime Frame Warranty
  • Head Tube Logo: Engraved; Original Van Nicholas
  • Frame Finish: Brushed; Natural brightness
  • Frame Tubing: Optiformed tubing; Any size fit
  • Dropout: 3D Casted
  • Cable routing: Internal; Clean aesthetics
  • Drivetrain: Mechanical & Electronic Shifting compatible
  • Brake: Disc brake system only
  • Rack Option: Rack Mounts; Load-carrying capabilities
  • Fender Option: Fender Mounts; All-weather riding
  • 3rd Water Bottle Option: Available; Long-haul hydration
  • Thru-Axle: High performance rigidity
  • Bottom Bracket: 86.5 mm Press-Fit
  • Seat Post Diameter: 27.2 mm
  • Front Derailleur: 31.8 mm Clamp On
  • Seat Post Collar Diameter: 31.8 mm
  • Headset: 1-1/8" - 1.5" 42.0/52.1 mm (ID/ID) Integrated Headset
  • Hub spacing: 142.0 x 12 mm Rear Hub Spacing
  • 6.0/8.0 mm CNC AL-6061-T6 Replaceble Derailleur hanger
  • Max. 50-584 (27.5 x 2.00, 650B)/45-622 (29 x 1.75, 700x45C) Tire Clearance
Size XS S M L XL
Effective Frame Size 480 510 540 570 600
Seat Tube Length (CTT) 480 510 540 570 600
Seat Tube Length (CTC) 430 460 490 520 550
Effective Top Tube (Eff TT) 525 540 550 570 585
Actual Top Tube (Act TT) 506 522 533 552 567
Head Tube Angle (HA) 70 70.5 70.5 70.5 71
Seat Tube Angle (SA) 74 74 73 73 73
Head Tube Length (HT) 120 135 160 185 210
Wheel Base (WB) 1027 1038 1050 1061 1071
Front Centre (FC) 597 608 619 630 641
Bottom Bracket Drop (BB Dr.) 70 70 70 70 70
Chain Stay Length (CS) 440 440 440 440 440
Fork Rake (Rake) 50 50 50 50 50
Weight (Lbs) 4.29 4.42 4.56 4.69 4.83
Weight (Kgs) 1.95 2.01 2.07 2.13 2.19
Stack 543 559 582 608 631
Reach 367 378 381 384 391
Standover 768 790 816 841 868


All our frames are made from aerospace grade 3Al/2.5V Titanium, which contains 3% aluminium and 2.5% vanadium. This offers the perfect balance of strength and plasticity for use in thin-walled bicycle tubing.

Titanium Use
The 3Al/2.5V Titanium alloy we use was developed for use in high pressure hydraulic lines and is found on virtually all new military and commercial airplanes. We are not alone in recognising Titanium's unparalleled qualities. Marine, architectural, medical and petrochemical industries all regularly make use of Titanium components, and you can also find its magical properties gracing consumer goods like golf clubs and jewellery.

Type of Tubing
We use two types of tubing to make our frames: cold-worked, drawn, seamless tubing and seamless hydroformed butted. Both types of tubing create extremely strong, lightweight frames, but the seamless hydroformed butted tubing is even lighter and more durable.

Environmentally Friendly
Once produced, Titanium is an environmentally friendly metal. All of the scrap we generate through the manufacturing process can be fully recycled.

Titanium, named after the Titans of Greek mythology, famed for their legendary strength, is twice as strong as aluminium and half the weight of steel.

Titanium has an incredibly high tolerance and will maintain the same properties up to 600°C.

Production Process
Titanium’s extreme oxygen reactivity (the same process that makes it so impervious to corrosion) makes production of the seamless tubes a very long and expensive process – hence the premium price tag.


Simply Beautiful
The elegant lines of our frames accentuate the natural beauty of Titanium. The soft glow of lightly brushed and polished Titanium is unique. That’s why we choose not to paint our frames. It needs no embellishment; the timeless allure of naked Titanium is hard to resist, impossible to ignore.

Powerfully Agile
A great ride lies in the perfect balance of lateral stiffness for power transfer, and vertical compliance to absorb feedback from the road surface. Titanium has an unparalleled strength-to-weight ratio which ensures rigidity, and just enough give to make you feel like you are floating on air.

Immutably Tough
Titanium won’t give up when you are depending on it. It boasts superior fatigue life and impact resistance, and a natural coating of Titanium Dioxide ensures that no matter how punishing the conditions, it will never succumb to rust, decay or corrosion.

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