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Unior Master Workbench


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Product features

  • Master Workbench is a fully equipped workstation for basic and detailed bike repairs. Workbench includes two tool chest units with sum of fifteen drawers and a 2050mm long hard wooden top. Seven drawers are full of tools, stored in a compact high quality foam tray. Set includes a fully equipped truing stand and an IRONGATOR, a vice with quick moving system.


Product name SKU Article Dimensions Quantity
Master Workbench 628622 2600C 203
Wide drawer cabinet - 8 drawers 625621 990WD8 663x650x870 1
Narrow drawer cabinet - 6 drawers 625622 990ND6 475x650x870 1
Wooden bench top 625631 990TW 2000x750x40 1
Quick IRONGATOR engineer's vice with quick moving system 621482 721Q/6 125 1
Pro truing stand 623059 1689 - 1
Rotor truing gauge 622603 1689.2 - 1
Wheel alignment gauge 618486 1690/1 - 1
Set of tools in tray 1 for 2600A or 2600C - General tools 628624 SET1-2600AC - 1
Set of tools in tray 2 for 2600A or 2600C- Drivetrain tools 628626 SET2-2600AC - 1
Set of tools in tray 3 for 2600A or 2600C - Wheel tools 628628 SET3-2600AC - 1
Set of tools in tray 4 for 2600A or 2600C - Torque tools and pliers 628630 SET4-2600AC - 1
Set of tools in tray 1 for 2600C - Wheel building 628646 SET1-2600C - 1
Set of tools in tray 2 for 2600C - Frame and fork tools 628648 SET2-2600C - 1
Set of tools in tray 3 for 2600C - Frame preparation tools 628650 SET3-2600C - 1
Unior Bicycle Mechanics Book #1 627300 KAT.BIKEBOOK1 EN 1

* Images of products are symbolic. All dimensions are in mm, and weight in grams. All listed dimensions may vary in tolerance.

New advanced technology

The use of new technological methods and top-quality materials result in tools with a long life span, safety designs ensure repair jobs without damages, customized solutions, excellent effectiveness, modern materials and ergonomic design provide good looks and safe use.

Customized solutions for excellent results

Our solutions offer adaptability to the bicycle parts of all producers. Our tradition, our own design, and constant technical development and modern technology keep us one step ahead.

Excellent durability

Unior hand tools finish many jobs faster and make working in tight areas easier.-

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