Topeak Backloader Saddle Bag -
Topeak Backloader Saddle Bag -
Topeak Backloader Saddle Bag -
Topeak Backloader Saddle Bag -
Topeak Backloader Saddle Bag -
Topeak Backloader Saddle Bag -
Topeak Backloader Saddle Bag -
Topeak Backloader Saddle Bag -
Topeak Backloader Saddle Bag -
Topeak Backloader Saddle Bag -
Topeak Backloader Saddle Bag -

Topeak Backloader Saddle Bag


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Listen to your inner voice of adventure. Pack up your gear, get on your bike, and ride that epic trail. BackLoader is a large capacity seat bag specially designed for bikepackers providing a streamlined way to carry gear without the need for a rear rack. Constructed of lightweight, highly water resistant and durable materials, it mounts and removes quickly. The upgraded saddle mount system, in conjunction with compression straps, reduces the pendulum effect associated with large rear payloads, providing a comfortable ride for those long miles. An easy access waterproof inner bag is included to keep contents completely dry.


Keep Contents Dry

Included waterproof inner bag keeps contents dry and easy access


Roll-top closure

Easy Mount

Easily mount to saddle rails & seatpost with hook & loop straps

Air Release Button

Built-in air release button keeps waterproof inner bag compact

Strong Material

Polyethylene / nylon Lightweight, durable, water repellent and stain resistant

Light Clip

Features a light clip for extra safety


  • CAPACITY: 6 L / 366 ci, 10 L / 610 ci and 15L / 915 ci
  • MATERIAL: Polyethylene / nylon Lightweight, durable, water repellent and stain resistant
  • BAG ATTACHMENT: Hook and loop fastener
  • WATERPROOF RATING: 10,000 mm (waterproof inner bag)
  • MAX LOAD: 5 kg / 11 lb
  • ADDED FEATURE: Waterproof inner bag, Safety light clip and Air release button



  • 50 (max) x 16 x 15 cm / 19.7” (max) x 6.3” x 5.9” (6 L)
  • 60 (max) x 20 x 18 cm / 23.6” x 7.9” x 7.1” (10 L)
  • 67 (max) x 28 x 18 cm 26.4” x 11” x 7.1” (15 L)


  • 6L: 445 g / 15.70 oz (Black)
  • 10L: 480 g / 16.93 oz (Black)
  • 15L: 565 g / 19.93 oz (Black)

Warranty Information

2 Years: Pumps, stands, bike covers, tools, fenders, tent, iGlow® series, saddles, PanoBike® series, RideCase®, Sport Camera Mount, bags, baskets, bottle cages, child carrier, racks, trailer, BarXtender® & Bar’n Mirror.

About Topeak


Topeak is the world leader in developing and producing innovative accessories designed to make cycling more convenient, more accessible and more fun at every level. Topeak states that “We are cyclists at the core and create the finest quality tools, pumps, racks, bags, lights and other products guaranteed to enhance the cycling experience”. Many of Topeak’s award-winning creations are recognised as the benchmark in performance, craftsmanship and value in every category. When it comes to biking, they help cyclists prepare to ride.For the 2020 season

Topeak introduces over sixty new and updated products for every kind of cyclist. We’ve added exciting new products to our Bikepacking series and PakGo series, developed new mini-pumps and floor pumps, new tubeless tire repair tools and innovative power link tools. Further refinements to bags, lighting, fenders, racks and more, reinforces our commitment to create the world’s best cycling accessories. With over twenty eight years of experience, Topeak continues to lead the pack!

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Ajith Balagopal

Topeak Backloader Saddle Bag

Pradeep Vittal

Topeak Backloader Saddle Bag

Gaurang Thanki
Excellent Quality

The saddle bag is exactly the way I wanted. Very useful indeed

Edwin Godfrey
Topeak 15L Backloader Saddle Bag

I had recently purchased and immediately used the item for a 12-days' bike packing trip. It is a rigid, sturdy and easy to use saddle bag. It's inner waterproof bag is also very reliable with its air release valve which can compress and pack a lot of things into it. Just ensure there are no sharp objects in it that can pierce the bag! It is also easy to install and disassemble. Though fully loaded, it does not disturb the balancing of the bike. One can also add a bit of other stuff on top of the saddle bag using the bungy chord (loop) built-in and it is still very sturdy. Packing needs a bit of thought as to ones needs and access to items during or after the day's ride.

shyam sundar
Robust saddle bag

I used this saddle bag to pack clothes and accessories for a 2 night stay on a trip from Bangalore to Mysore over 125 kms riding distance. The inner bag with the air release feature is the key to the ability to pack a lot of items and then compress it into a smaller size so that the overall length of the whole bag remains smaller than it would have been without the air release feature. Packing requires a bit of thought. The clasps of the bag are robust as is the outer shell. The bag does sway a bit but not too much to disturb the ride quality of my road bike. I also used a bungee cord to further secure the bag to the seat post since I did not want to take any chances of the bag touching the rear tire, as you can see in the picture. While climbing uphill when I am off saddle, you can feel the saddle bag but otherwise it does not affect the overall cycling ride. Also I must add that the additional weight of 3 kgs due to my contents inside the bag did not in any way affect the speed of my bike, due to the aerodynamics induced by the saddle bag (you can see a youtube video of a windtunnel test on the GCN channel for proof of this). The bag is fairly easy to put on (though the first time it felt a bit clumsy especially the clasps that go under the seat but the second time onwards I was able to do it easily) and also easy to remove. I am reducing one star from the 5 star rating as I needed to secure it more firmly with the bungee cord.

Milind Tambe
Good little saddle bag

Loved that topeak saddle bag suits for bikepacking. Stays firm on the saddle post...

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