Steadfast Vitamin D3, Box of 90 Capsules -
Steadfast Vitamin D3, Box of 90 Capsules -
Steadfast Vitamin D3, Box of 90 Capsules -
Steadfast Vitamin D3, Box of 90 Capsules -
Steadfast Vitamin D3, Box of 90 Capsules -
Steadfast Vitamin D3, Box of 90 Capsules -
Steadfast Vitamin D3, Box of 90 Capsules -

Steadfast Vitamin D3, Box of 90 Capsules


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Product Description

Vitamin D3, Cholecalciferol is a fat soluble vitamin which helps body absorb calcium and phosphorus. Naturally Vitamin D3 is present in very few foods and is essentially required by our body for normal mineralization of our bones. Though it is found in some foods like fish, liver, egg, milk and fortified products but sunlight is an abundant source of Vitamin D3. On entering our body, it gets converted into its activated form and triggers the absorption of calcium and phosphorus. Deficiency of vitamin D3 is very prevalent among us which might lead to weak bones and skeletal deformities. Due to less dietary sources, opting a Vitamin D3 supplement can be a wise option for good health and to prevent it's deficiency.


Benefits of the Vitamin D3 2000 IU


1. Assist Calcium Absorption - Vitamin D3 and calcium are co-related in terms of their absorption. Whenever serum calcium level falls in our body, this results in increased conversion of vitamin D3 to its activated form so as to absorb calcium. So even if our calcium intake is appropriate but if vitamin D3 is lacking in our diet then also there will be no absorption of calcium, leading to weak bones and osteoporosis. Similarly, if there is no calcium intake in our diet then as soon as serum calcium level falls, it will provoke calcium absorption from our bones hence depleting bone calcium stock to maintain blood levels. This eventually will result in weak bones, more prone to fractures.


2. Helps Prevent Bone Demineralization - In order to maintain bone density, we need certain nutrients like calcium, vitamin D3, phosphorus, magnesium and zinc. Of all the phosphorus in our body, approximately 80% is found in our bones and teeth. Activated vitamin D3 not only results in absorption of calcium in our body, but it also absorbs phosphorus. Thus to maintain mineral content of our bones and teeth, we need vitamin D3.


3. Regulates Immune System - Our immune system has special types of cells called T-cells which are referred as killer cells of the body. These cells protects us from foreign bodies as they are perfect in differentiating between outside invaders and “self cells”. Vitamin D3 strengthens our immune system by regulating these T-cells. As soon as they sense the presence of any foreign pathogen, In the presence of vitamin D3, “naive” T-cells gets transitioned into active killer T-cells. Hence vitamin D3 protects our body from infections and boosts immunity.


4. Reduces the risk of Cardiovascular diseases - Many research studies have associated deficiency of vitamin D3 with increased risk of cardiovascular diseases and related causative factors. Vitamin D3 gets converted into it's activated form in the presence of certain receptors and 1-alpha-hydroxylase. It has been shown that 1-alpha-hydroxylase is produced by various cells including cardiomyocytes (heart muscle cells). So in order to have a healthy heart, vitamin D3 intake is also a crucial factor.


5. Protects Kidney Function - Prolonged vitamin D3 deficiency has been shown to result in chronic kidney disease. Healthy kidneys are rich with vitamin D3 receptors which helps the conversion to activated form. In vitamin D3 deficiency, Parathyroid gland is unable to sense that that there is enough calcium and phosphorus in our blood, which results in over secretion of parathyroid hormone. This malfunction will drain excess calcium from our bones resulting in weak and fragile bones. Vitamin D3 will help in providing sufficient vitamin so as to prevent any malfunctioning of kidneys.


6. Improves Sleep Quality - Vitamin D3 also helps in maintaining healthy sleep and prevent mood disorders. Several studies have found a significant association between lack of vitamin D3 and sleep disorders like insomnia and daylight sleepiness. Underlying reason could be due to Melatonin, which is known to affect sleep patterns and also holds a key role in the synthesis of first form of vitamin D3.


7. Beneficial for Cognitive Functioning - Low vitamin D3 levels are associated with various psychiatric conditions. Mood fluctuations and depression are also associated with vitamin D3 levels in our body. This is because vitamin D3 regulates the enzyme that converts amino acid tryptophan to serotonin. Serotonin is a neurotransmitter which affects our mood and brain development. Hence, an active and relaxed mind might indicate optimum levels of vitamin D3.


8. Muscle Strength - A study conducted in California stated that low or deficit vitamin D3 levels lead to fatty skeletal muscles. Fitness freaks or athletes who are looking to gain lean mass and reduce body fat percentage should ensure that they have an optimum intake of vitamin D3 so as to get an additional kick in achieving their fitness goal.

What Does SN Vitamin D3 Constitutes?


Each capsule of SN Vitamin D3 has 2000 IU of Cholecalciferol.


Who can take SN Vitamin D3?


According to studies conducted, experts say that intake of 2000 IU of Vitamin D3 per day is sufficient to maintain adequate levels and prevent any deficiency. But people with minimum exposure to sunlight and athletes who are more prone to develop deficit levels can consume 4000 IU of Vitamin D3 per day. Hence, an individual can take a daily dose of 1 to 2 capsules per day depending upon the requirement.


1. SN Vitamin D3 for Athletes - Vitamin D3 levels affects athletic performance. Various factors like season, weather, indoor or outdoor sport contributes in determining vitamin D3 level of an athlete. A 2009 study at the Cooper Clinic in Dallas found that 75 percent of runners averaging 20 miles a week have low vitamin D3 levels. We would recommend you to consume 2 capsules of SN Vitamin D3 per day.


2. SN Vitamin D3 for Elderly - With increasing age, elderly people become more prone to develop vitamin D3 deficiency. Studies have shown that the process of conversion of vitamin D3 into its activated form on exposure to sunlight decreases with age. If vitamin D3 levels are insufficient then it will make them prone to develop cardiovascular diseases, hypertension, osteoporosis and poor immunity. Hence, a recommended dosage of 2 capsules of SN Vitamin D3 per day is recommended.


3. SN Vitamin D3 for Deficient Individuals - Vitamin D3 deficiency is prevalent across the World. But specifically talking about the Indian subcontinent, prevalence is 70%-90% in the general population. With limited or no exposure to sunlight and deficit diets, it is recognized as a public health problem. 2 capsules of SN Vitamin D3 is recommended per day so as to bring deficit levels to optimum.


4. SN Vitamin D3 for Maintenance - In order to save yourself from becoming deficit and prone to all consequences of deficiency, we would recommend you to consume 1 capsule of SN Vitamin D3 per day.


When to take Vitamin D3?

The ideal way to consume SN Vitamin D3 is to consume it with meals to improve the digestion and absorption of the content. One must consult a healthcare professional for better recommendation and duration of dose.


Serving Size - 1Capsule

No. of Servings - 90 Capsules

EACH SOFT GELATIN CAPSULE CONTAINS:                                                            



2000 1U


27.985 kcal


0 g


0.46 g


2.905 g



Gelatin (428)-Animal Origin (Capsule Shell), Emulsifying and stabilising agents (INS 322 & INS 422), Preservatives (INS 216 & INS 218), Antioxidant (INS 320) & Purified water.

Appropriate overages of vitamin added to compensate for loss on storage.

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