Shimano Hydraulic Hose - SM-BH90-SBLS -

Shimano Hydraulic Hose - SM-BH90-SBLS


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Hose Length

The Shimano SM-BH90-SBLS brake line has a longer banjo (Ice-Technology) and a short bolt. It is only compatible with the Saint M820 and XT M8020 4-piston brakes. The connection on the transmitter side is straight, the connection on the receiver side is made via the banjo. The stiffness of SM-BH90-SBLS is particularly high. Like all Shimano brake lines, it can be shortened without any problems.



  • ICE TECHNOLOGIES heat management
  • High power brake hose
  • Long banjo hose, short bolt (for radiation of heat)

Technical Information

  • Length: 1000 mm, 1700 mm or 2000 mm
  • Connection: Straight-Banjo
  • Can be Shortened: Yes
  • Banjo Material: Aluminium
  • Banjo Length: Long
  • Banjo Bolt Material: Steel
  • Banjo Bolt Length: Short
  • Connection Bolt Material: Steel
  • Stiffness: High (5 out of 5)

Technology Used

The SM-BH90-SBLS's long banjo connector reduces the temperature at a critical point where heat is transferred from the caliper to the line.





SAINT M820 Series



Hose joint_Brake lever


Hose joint_Brake caliper



High power



Banjo_Banjo bolt length



Warranty Information

  • 3 Years Warranty on Dura-Ace and XTR Components
  • 2 Years Warranty on all other Shimano Components
  • 1 Year Warranty on all Shimano footwear, clothing and wheels

About Shimano

Established in 1921.

Shimano is the world's largest manufacturer of bike components.

Today Shimano globally operates three key businesses, with sales offices and factories all over the world. They will continue supplying “captivating products” to help promote the bicycle and sports fishing cultures

Japanese company Shimano is the most popular groupset manufacturer with a range of groupsets at different prices. It’s constantly updating the other bike components too, with the newest features debuting first on its top-end technology, Dura-Ace, before eventually filtering down through the range.

Their bicycle components division has a wide range of product line-ups such as brakes, pedals, wheels, gears, chain sets etc., and represents 80% of the company’s total revenue.

Shimano has about 70% of global share in bicycle gears and brakes, and approx. 50% of the overall bicycle components market.

Shimano’s products are designed to meet customer needs for easy, trouble-free installation with a guaranteed great result every time. Some factors that aid Shimano to stay ahead over their competitors are as follows: Economical prices client-friendly service timely delivery wide distribution network ethical business operations transparent deals the team carries out a comprehensive range of tests on all components and finished products to ensure we meet or exceed all the international standards. Their quality commitment extends to social, ethical and environmental responsibilities and Shimano are proud to be members of all the key industry associations.

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