Shimano CS-M4100 Deore 10 Speed Cassette -
Shimano CS-M4100 Deore 10 Speed Cassette -

Shimano CS-M4100 Deore 10 Speed Cassette


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SHIMANO DEORE - 10-Speed - HYPERGLIDE - MTB Cassette Sprocket

The SHIMANO DEORE CS-M4100 10-speed cassette offers a wide range of gearing options. With its lightweight sprocket carrier, it delivers smooth gear steps and precise shifting.

  • Ride anywhere with smooth and precise HG shifting
  • 10-speed cassette sprocket: 11-46T, 11-42T


MODEL NO CS-M4100-10
Combination 11-13-15-18-21-24-28-32-37-42T | 11-13-15-18-21-24-28-32-37-46T
Combination name(Group name) 11-42T, 11-46T
Compatible chain HG-X, 10-speed
Speeds 10
Type HG

Customer Reviews

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Bharat Mehta
A great deore cassette from shimano

i purchased this cassette for 2x10 upgrage for my bike giant talon 3 which previously comes with 2x8 drivetrain system. for this upgrade i have to change maximum drivetrain components which are front crank(for 10 speed from deore), 10 speed chain, 10 speed cassette(for 2x10 speed drivetrain the cassette should be 11t-42t) , 10 speed deore derailleur with clutch, 10 speed shifter.The upgrade was worth it, thank you cyclop for delivering it on time.

Excellent Upgrade from 36T to 46T

For what it is worth-"excellent in terms of upgrade".

I was looking for an upgrade from 2x10 drivetrain to a 1x10 system. This cassette provided me exactly the opportunity and spare part required. The upgrade gave me a granny gear with 46T and now I can conquer the brutal climbs with much ease.

The cassette quality is decent, though a tad softer for the trails that I indulge in. That is because, it is on lower side of Deore seriesi.e. M4100. I was looking for a cassette from series higher than M4100, and was ready to pay more than the 3500 chips, that I paid for this one. However, I could not find one, so settled for the M4100. This is a decent cassette for the price (3500INR) that it is available on Cyclop. A cassette from higher up series would have been more sturdier, even though more expensive.
This M4100 cassette should be fine, if not subjected to too much torture, though I would still be at worry, because my biking is totally off road, consisting of rocks, pebbles and tree roots. With a bit of care, I hope that I will be able to manage it for some good time.

Installation was fairly easy at home with a Icetoolz Shimano Cassette Lockring Tool purchased from Cyclop, and a 21mm spanner.
WORDS OF CAUTION:- Adjustments were not that breeze though, and I ran into some issues. You would be needing a long cage derailleur (SGS from Shimano). Besides, you may have to either use a derailleur hanger extension or a B tension screw of at least 25mm (the 20mm did not work in my case, so that to swap it for a 25 mm one). Also, it is best if you get a new chain too. Continuing with old chain will give you problem, as the granny clog (46T) would be needing some more links than presently available on your existing chain.

The shifting is top notch and precise. If it is not, check for hanger alignment.

Over all an excellent cassette, if not perfect in terms of sturdiness.... YouTube video placeholder
Great product

Quality of the product is great and looks and fits greatly on 10 speed cassette.

Somesh Kelkar
Good genuine cassette

Good cassette, real shimano, delivered on time.


Very good product . It is a genuine product

Dinesh Rongali

Shimano CS-M4100 Deore 10 Speed Cassette

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