Shimano 10 Speed Tiagra CN-4601 Chain for Road Bike -

Shimano 10 Speed Tiagra CN-4601 Chain for Road Bike


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The Legendary Tiagra 10-speed chain CN-4601 from Shimano - optimized engineering for precise shifting

Tiagra is a favorite choice of road bikers who looks for value for money drivetrain. The Shimano Tiagra CN-4601 10-speed chain has optimized inner and outer plates, which ensure a larger contact surface with the teeth and ensure more efficient power transmission for better shifting even under load (HG technology). The CN-4601 chain is directional and must be installed appropriately.


  • Area of ​​use: Road
  • switching levels: 10-fold

Technical specifications:

  • Number of links: 116
  • Closure type: connecting pin
  • Rivet type: chrome-plated, solid
  • The direction of travel: Yes
  • Recommended groups: Tiagra 4600
  • Material: steel


  • super narrow 10-speed HG chain
  • perforated, ultra-light plate
  • outer plate coating: gray, inner plate coating: brown
  • for all Shimano 2x10-speed racing bike drives (not compatible with a 9-speed system)
  • performance indicator: Select ( Level 1 of 3)


The weight of the HG (Hyperglide) chains has been reduced by perforating the tabs. The tabs ensure optimal contact with the teeth and enable smooth switching operations even under high loads. In addition, HG chains offer higher pedaling efficiency. They are completely matched to HG cassettes for fast switching operations.

This chain has an asymmetrical design. The specially shaped tabs optimize the engagement on the pinion and lead to even smoother gear changes, even under load. The inner side is optimized for rear HG (Hyperglide) gear changes and ensures quick and precise gear changes. The outer side is optimized for chainring changes. The sides are marked accordingly to ensure that the chain is installed correctly. The side with the mark is the outside.
Warning: The high switching capacity is only achieved with correct chain assembly. Installing the chain the wrong way round can cause the chain to come off and cause serious injury.

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