Selle Italia NOVUS Endurance TM Superflow Saddle -
Selle Italia NOVUS Endurance TM Superflow Saddle -

Selle Italia NOVUS Endurance TM Superflow Saddle


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A great classic for long-distance fans, which wisely combines superior strength with advanced ergonomic technology. In addition to its competitive price, this special TM version offers a great comfort thanks to the outstanding padded design with an extra neoprene layer to encourage correct posture. Simultaneously, the elongated SuperFlow cutout relieves pressure for long-lasting comfort.

The gel-padded saddle Novus Superflow Endurance TM by Selle Italia is clearly inspired by the professional cycling sector. The angle of the saddle rails and the shell construction are a clear indication that this solid saddle is designed for longer rides in a sporty riding position. Perfect for long road and gravel bike tours, as well as for marathons. A long cutout that reaches up to the slim saddle nose provides relief for the perineal area.

As the main body has a flex to the wings, both ergonomic parts of the saddle follow all your movements while pedalling, which helps reduce skin irritations caused by friction on the seat and thighs. For good pressure distribution and support of the pelvic rotation, the robust Fibra-Tek cover is padded with a shock-absorbing gel through to the saddle nose. In combination with flexible saddle rails, the saddle offers a high level of comfort you'll never want to do without again.


Designed for road and off-road use, the elongated SuperFlow cutout relieves perineal pressure, helping to mitigate numbness and pain during longer rides and is combined with a gel layer to provide excellent comfort to the "soft tissue" areas by offering greater flexibility at the front of the road bike saddle. This combined with a thin layer of silicone gel helps to absorb road vibrations, so you can ride longer and more comfortably. The Novus Superflow Endurance TM bike road saddle is made with 7mm high strength and flexible manganese tube rails and is easy to install on nearly any bike, from road bikes to mountain bikes.

When selecting a saddle, you don't want to add weight to make your ride harder than it already is. This is why our Novus Superflow Endurance TM MTB bike seat is made with Duro-Tek, a technical cover material that guarantees a strong and durable lifetime at a very low weight. This road cycling saddle is available in two sizes to provide an option for most rider's sit bone widths and weighs in at just 306-310g.

idmatch uses a strict scientific method to help you find the size, alignment and equipment that fits your physical shape. This saddle is an S3 L3 for those who have been fitted for a Selle Italia saddle previously.

This saddle has a semi-round rear part, making it highly suitable for riders who move a little while they ride and whose hips rock a little from side to side. The semi-round shape provides plenty of support for those riders while maintaining sufficient freedom of movement compared to a flat saddle.

This is an S-shaped saddle, meaning it’s raised at the back and lowered in the middle. This S-shape makes it possible for people with an inflexible spine to assume a proper riding position. This has to do with how easy these riders find it to rotate their pelvis. People with an inflexible spine often have more trouble rotating their pelvis, meaning they could use some extra support.

This saddle has a cut-out and alleviates pressure for those who often experience discomfort or pressure to their soft tissue areas.


  • Weight: S 306 g - L 310 g
  • Rail: Manganese Tube Ø7 mm
  • Dimensions: 138x282 mm
  • Category: Performance
  • Size Small: 146 mm x 282 mm
  • Size Large: 155 mm x 282 mm

Warranty Information

Selle Italia guarantees its products against material and/or manufacturing defects for twenty-four (24) months from the date of purchase, with the exception of consumable parts or parts subject to deterioration: the tax receipt issued by the authorised dealer constitutes proof of purchase. The defective product can be repaired or replaced by Selle Italia within this period if the defect is not due to negligence, improper use or incorrect installation.

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Installation & Maintenance

The seat post can affect the saddle’s structural resistance. The use of unsuitable seat posts can cause the saddle to malfunction and can lead to accidents and personal injury. For this reason, the product has been tested in accordance with the relevant sector regulations. Please check that your seat post is compatible with the information given in Figure 2. The seat post must be used according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. Moreover, it is important to observe the recommended torque values, as exceeding the defined values may jeopardise the safety and reliability of the saddle.

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About Selle Italia

Leading The Way In Saddle Design for 120 years.

The great adventure of Selle Italia began just outside of Milan in the village of Corsico in 1897. Selle Italia was originally founded to make saddles for everyday bicycles used for transportation.

Back then, automobiles were an unaffordable for most and the bicycle was the transport of choice for many. Fast forward to the late 1970′s. The automobile had long replace the bicycle as a primary mode of transport and cycling was more for sport than anything.

The Bigolin family took over Selle Italia and began an upward trajectory that propelled Selle Italia to the top with continuous product innovation encompassing new construction techniques and using new materials. This innovation and vision has made Selle Italia the acknowledged #1 source for high-end bicycle saddles worldwide.

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Ramya K
Best Saddle

I have used this saddle for my 200 BRM. I felt more comfortable and no soreness. I am happy that I invested in right saddle.

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