Schwalbe Road Tube Av15 700 X 18C 28C 40Mm Schrader Valve Tube -

Schwalbe Road Tube Av15 700 X 18C 28C 40Mm Schrader Valve Tube

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Schwalbe tubes are made with a special butyl rubber compound which makes them extremely airtight and extremely reliable. Less pressure drop means safer cycling, fewer punctures and reduced rolling resistance, plus you don't have to inflate them so often.

Airtightness. Apart from the quality of the ingredients, the purity of the rubber mixture is crucial to the quality of the tube. The base material is therefore sieved at enormous pressure through seven filters before being extruded. All tubes are inserted into a mould and inflated for vulcanization to ensure constant wall thickness and high air pressure retention.

Reliability. All tubes are inflated and stored for 24 hours in order to test for air pressure retention. Afterwards each, individual tube undergoes a careful visual inspection. This special quality control helps prevent unpleasant surprises and is why, over many years, Schwalbe tubes have become highly respected for outstanding reliability by bicycle dealers.

Group tube system. Only high elasticity and good quality allows a tube to cover very many tyre sizes.

Valve. All valves are nickel plated and threaded and valve inserts are replaceable. Also Schwalbe tubes with the classic bicycle valve are capable of pressure testing thanks to a high pressure valve seal. And it is plain to see as each tube is crowned with a transparent polycarbonate dust cap.

ETRTO and Tyre Sizes

22-630 27 x 7/8

25-630 27 x 1.00

23-622 28 x 0.90 700 x 23C

24-622 700 x 24C

18-622 28 x 3/4 700 x 18C

20-622 28 x 3/4 700 x 20C

22-622 28 x 7/8 700 x 22C

23-622 28 x 7/8 700 x 23C

25-622 28 x 1.00 700 x 25C

28-622 28 x 1.10 700 x 28C

Auto, SCHRADER Valve 40 mm long

Product: Schwalbe AV15 SCHRADER Tube - 28" - 700c

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