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Minoura Repair Stand RS1800


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  • Compact and foldable lightweight alloy stand with tripod base
  • Good horizontal rotation mechanism for maintenance and washing
  • Arm angle adjustable by 15degrees each
  • B.B. support shape is good for Aero and rear direct mount brake frames.

Support with aero type of frame, rear and direct mount brake frame

Front fork
  • Support for 9mm quick release and 12 mm / 15 mm thru axle
  • Easy to set and re-set because of the special wide stroke quick release
Rear End
  • Rear end mount support for 9 mm quick release and 15 mm thru axle
  • Support for 126 mm / 130 mm / 135 mm quick release and 142 mm thru axle
  • We strongly recommend use of this item in a vertical orientation only.
  • Maintain the balance by rotating the bike position
  • For light maintenance and washing only, do not apply too much force.
  • Stability will be compromised with electronic groups with a battery on the BB side.

Customer Reviews

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Don't buy it.

This is my first bike stand. I had ordered actually other stand, but then the website called me saying that its not available anymore. And they gave me the option to buy the other one. And since I was busy at that I just said, send that one, but he didn't tell me tht this workstand is actually different from what I had ordered.
The product is sturdy but u will have to take off ur wheels, front or rear in order to mount ur bike. I mean why do u need to take off ur wheel 😤😤.
And u ideally need two guys to mount the bike, coz the bike might drop if ur not careful and holding the bike well. And also it's difficult to left and put the bike of the top of the stand. 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️.
My one piece of advice. Don't buy, don't buy it.

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