Milkit Tubeless Road Sealant - 250Ml -
Milkit Tubeless Road Sealant - 250Ml -
Milkit Tubeless Road Sealant - 250Ml -
Milkit Tubeless Road Sealant - 250Ml -
Milkit Tubeless Road Sealant - 250Ml -
Milkit Tubeless Road Sealant - 250Ml -
Milkit Tubeless Road Sealant - 250Ml -

Milkit Tubeless Road Sealant - 250Ml


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Product Description


Microfibers and Synthetic Latex make an Award Winning Product
milKit sealant coats the tire more evenly for effective sealing of punctures and long lasting results. The milKit road and gravel sealant ensures longer-lasting function and better sealing results at high pressures. 


  • Seals tears and holes up to 6mm
  • Enhanced performance: The innovative formula ensures that the tire sealant remains liquid for a longer period, keeping it functional for an extended duration.
  • Reliable: New particle composition improves the sealing performance, especially at high pressures.
  • Homogeneous: When used correctly, the benefits of homogeneity are preserved
  • Synthetic latex means no ammonia or chemically aggressive ingredients, so no horrible smell or damage to rims and tires
  • Non-allergenic, non-hazardous & washable
  • Works from -20 to +50° C / -4 – 122° F
  • CO2 compatible
  • Works extremely well at high pressure, best suitable for gravel and road tires.

What amount of sealant do I have to fill into my tire?

Many factors can influence your decision about how much sealant to add into a tubeless tire. Some tires “soak up” a lot of sealant and a few days after installation a significant part of the sealant is gone. This is where the milKit valve and syringe system comes in handy: we recommend always checking the amount of sealant left in the tire a few day after installation.

Choosing the right amount of sealant also depends on the priorities of the user: adding more sealant will result in a better puncture protection but make the tire heavier. With the milKit valve and syringe system, that makes the measuring and refilling of the sealant quick and easy, the right amount of sealant can be tested and optimized step by step without a hassle.

We recommend starting with the following amounts and then optimize the right sealant level from there:

  • Road / gravel 40-80 ml / 1.4-2.7 oz
  • 26” MTB 60-80 ml / 2-2.7 oz
  • 27.5” MTB 80-100 ml / 2.7-3.4 oz
  • 29” MTB 100-120 ml / 3.4-4 oz

milKit tubeless sealant is designed for best results with the patented milKit tubeless valves and award winning booster for inflating tubeless tires. However, it can be used with any tubeless valves.

Using the milKit syringe you can easily measure how much sealant is left in your tire and add quickly and cleanly as needed.

How to use milKit Sealant:

  • Screw out the milKit valve core – the rubber flaps ensure no air is lost
  • Ensure tire pressure is not above 22 psi
  • Extract old sealant from tire with the milKit syringe to measure sealant remaining amount and check quality
  • Measure out the correct amount of milKit sealant and inject using the syringe
  • Screw the valve core back in, inflate tire to full riding pressure and you’re ready to ride!

Sizing Information

  • Size - 250ml
  • Country of Origin - Germany

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