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Looplube WET Finish TRIAL Pack


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looplube WET Finish TRIAL Pack - 125ml WET Finish Bicycle Chain Lube SPRAY & 125ml loopwipe Eco-Friendly Bicycle Chain Cleaner SPRAY

(On-Road Only | Less Dusty | Wet & Dry Weather | Relube 200km)

If you have never cleaned and lubed your chain before, then this product should get you started. Learn a new skill and get ready to give yourself a pat on the back, because your rides are going to feel way smoother from now on. Join looplube in our journey to revolutionize how bikes are maintained, one chain at a time.


looplube WET Finish leaves a wet finish on the chain. It is an all-weather bicycle chain lubricant for excellent smoothness and lubrication, and gives a butter-like feel while riding. It best suits non-dusty on-road rides, and works equally well in dry and wet weather conditions. Lube your chain once every 200 km for best results.

loopwipe Eco-Friendly Chain Cleaner Spray cleans the chain with the least amount of effort without the need to use a single drop of water. Clean the chain every 200km for best results. Do NOT use water after cleaning your chain with loopwipe. All you need is a can of loopwipe, a hard toothbrush, 15 mins to spare, and an open mind to learn, and share!

Products Included:
A) looplube Wet Finish Chain Lube SPRAY (125ml) - lasts 20 uses
B) loopwipe Eco-Friendly Bicycle Chain Cleaner SPRAY (125ml) - lasts 1-2 uses
C) looplube Ultra-Protective Service Gloves (1 pair)

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Average Lube

I have done about 150Kms + with this lube already , personally I feel its an average lube nothing special
definitely not bad at the price, but not something I would buy again

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