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Looplube Multipurpose Grease


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If you want to grease or re-grease your bike, this is a good product to start with. Works for various parts, including pedals, levers, pivot points, springs, hubs, bottom brackets and headsets. Though we do not recommend using it for bearings, you can still use MPG for bearing lubrication as a short term well balanced substitute. If you are looking for a bearing specific high performance grease, use HPG instead. Also, do NOT use it on the seat post, as it will cause slippage during the ride.

Clean and degrease the internal part(s) that you want and rid them of all the gunk, grime and dirt.

Do NOT use a rust remover/anti-rust spray to clean, unless the part is rusted. Once you ensure that the parts to be greased are clean and completely dry and free of all oil and moisture, you can apply the required amount of grease and fit them back into the bike.

Use gloves while applying the grease, make sure the gloves are clean and dry.
Recommended Degreaser: Quick Dry Degreaser (BCCQ)

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Dileep Kumar

Good item... Pricey for a normal grease though

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