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Looplube WET Finish Commuter Pack


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looplube WET Finish Commuter Pack - 125ml WET Finish Bicycle Chain Lube SPRAY & 500ml loopwipe Eco-Friendly Bicycle Chain Cleaner SPRAY

(On-Road Only | Less Dusty | Wet & Dry Weather | Relube 200km)

The first step in DIY bike maintenance is learning how to keep your bike chain clean, well lubed and friction free. If you ride regularly, then this commuter pack will help you experience the smoothest rides ever. Join looplube in our journey to revolutionize how bikes are maintained, one chain at a time.


looplube WET Finish leaves a wet finish on the chain. It is an all-weather bicycle chain lubricant for excellent smoothness and lubrication, and gives a butter-like feel while riding. It best suits non-dusty on-road rides, and works equally well in dry and wet weather conditions. Lube your chain once every 200 km for best results.

loopwipe Eco-Friendly Chain Cleaner Spray cleans the chain with the least amount of effort without the need to use a single drop of water. Clean the chain every 200km for best results. Do NOT use water after cleaning your chain with loopwipe. All you need is a can of loopwipe, a hard toothbrush, 15 mins to spare, and an open mind to learn, and share!

Products Included:
A) looplube WET Finish Chain Lube SPRAY (125ml) - lasts 20 uses
B) loopwipe Eco-Friendly Bicycle Chain Cleaner SPRAY (500ml) - lasts 8-10 uses

Customer Reviews

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Abhisek Roy
Great item

Good product. But you should use it properly. Use the right amount and don't over grease. Also remember to clean your chain first.

Dijen Sonowal

Nice product, worth buying.

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