Juice Lubes Tubeless Rim Tape - 25mm X 10m - Cyclop.in
Juice Lubes Tubeless Rim Tape - 25mm X 10m - Cyclop.in
Juice Lubes Tubeless Rim Tape - 25mm X 10m - Cyclop.in
Juice Lubes Tubeless Rim Tape - 25mm X 10m - Cyclop.in

Juice Lubes Tubeless Rim Tape - 25mm X 10m


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Product Description

Let us take you one step closer to becoming airtight. Designed specifically to make tubeless setup a breeze, our tape is primed with the finest pressure sensitive adhesive and constructed from high tensile strength dual-layered film.

With its optimum amount of stretch and rigid recyclable core the tape can be pulled and applied with tension, it'll also contour perfectly to the shape of your rim making it a doddle to install. If that wasn't enough, we've also included a handful of finishing strips to ensure that perfect airtight seal.

Our unique adhesive holds fast and won't leave any sticky gunky residue should you need to remove the tape at a later date.

Available in 10M and 50M rolls and in 21, 25, 30 and 35mm widths.


  • 5 x finishing strips per 10M roll
  • 28 x Finishing strips per 50M roll


  • High strength dual-layered film
  • Bespoke pressure sensitive adhesive
  • Optimum amount of stretch
  • Finishing strips for perfect airtight seal
  • Leaves no mess when removed
  • 10M roll allows 4 applications for 29" or 5 for 26"

How to Apply:

Step 1 - Get Set
Start with a clean dry rim, our Ultimate Workshop Degreaser will remove any grease or old adhesive. Use an old rag or microfibre cloth to wipe it away. Be sure to select the right size rim tape for your chosen setup.

Step 2 - Tape It
Start applying the tape 2 spoke holes back from the valve hole. Press the tape down firmly into the centre of the rim as you go and smooth it out towards the edges, removing any trapped air as you go.

Take it steady. Run the tape around the entire rim whilst keeping tension and working air from beneath the tape as you go. Finish 2 spoke holes past the valve hole. Cut the tape at 45 degrees for a cleaner finish.

Step 3 - Check and Seal
Check for any trapped air under the tape, push any bubbles out towards a spoke hole. Cover the end of the fitted tape with one of the finishing strips provided. This will help prevent any peel back. Use a small spike to pierce a hole in the tape over the valve hole. Fit our fancy valves. Whack a tyre on. Add some Juice Lubes Tyre Sealant and give 'er some wind.

Sizing Information

  • Size: 25mm x 10mtr
  • Country of Origin: China

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