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Juice Lubes Combo Pack-Viking, Dry, Wet - Pack of 3 Lubes


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Combo pack includes -

Juice Lubes Viking Juice - All Conditions, High Performance Chain Lube

The “Holy Grail of chain lubes”. A tough-as-Odin’s-beard, year-round lube for the biggest miles and grimmest trails. Designed and tested at the brutal Paris-Roubaix. Viking Juice is our longest lasting lube and is built to pillage deep into your chain, conquering dust, rust and shady shifting. The Viking is tough – it’ll stay put longer than any of our lubes to guarantee less workshop time, less rust, less missed shifts and a longer lasting chain.

Juice Lubes Dry Chain Lube- Dry Conditions Chain Lube

Chain Juice Dry is a high-tech chain lube for beautifully simple summer days full of endless singletrack, dusty turns, short sleeves and cold beers. The Boffin-designed ‘carrier’ formula delivers a tough silent shield right down into your chain and then evaporates to guarantee no sticky gunk.

Juice Lubes Wet Chain Lube - Wet Conditions Chain Lube 

Chain Juice Wet is tough as old boots and built to keep your shifting smooth under the heaviest of loads. It stays put through the grimiest of gloop and keeps your gears crisp, smooth, silent and rust free. It’s waterproof, it’s anti-rust and it won’t fling off when you’re hurtling at top speed down your favourite hillside.

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Dishanth Kembhavi
Chain lubes for all weather conditions

Great chain lubes that last for weeks in different weather conditions. The All COnditions is the best one of them all for a humid city.

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