Icetoolz VeloDuo High Pressure / Volume Mini Pump -
Icetoolz VeloDuo High Pressure / Volume Mini Pump -
Icetoolz VeloDuo High Pressure / Volume Mini Pump -
Icetoolz VeloDuo High Pressure / Volume Mini Pump -

Icetoolz VeloDuo High Pressure / Volume Mini Pump


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Telescoping design for faster and easier inflating


  • Presta / Schrader / Dunlop
  • Up to 120psi / 8.2bar


  • Product Dimensions : 29 x 9 x 3.5cm
  • Weight : 0.198kg
  • Color : Silver, Black
  • Material : Alumiunm

About Icetoolz

At Lifu Bicycle
Icetoolz are always trying to make life easier.

For Icetoolz, they try to imagine that nearly everyone doesn’t understand how to maintain the parts of a bicycle. For most of the time, this is the case, luckily for you, Icetoolz have the exact tools and guides for the ones you need.
For other experts, they have the tools for every detail, whether it is your brakes or other parts of your bicycle, we all have it.

Icetoolz's Quality Policy

  • Developing & Innovating: Develop new products & improve production process continuously
  • Quality Supreme: Quality Priority
  • Consistent Improvement: Communication & review keep quality strength
  • Customer Satisfaction: Provide excellent products & services to satisfy customers

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Anand Mohanty
Received used product but works fine

The pump I received was full of dust and marks. It looked like a second hand product I received. If Cyclop was return friendly I would have returned it. So decided not to bother with return. Had to wash this pump. But It works fine. Should be used only during emergency.

Hi Anand - Sorry that you had a bad experience shopping on cyclop. Our items sit in a warehouse and sometimes accumulate dust. Rest assured all items sold on the site are brand new. If you are still unsatisfied with your purchase. Please shoot us an email and team will be happy to address any concerns.

Avik Sarkar
Not so good

The piston size is very small. Will require long hour for required air pressure to achieve ( 60psi for my hybrid). This supports for emergency purpose only and help you to get a workable tube condition after puncture so that you can move for a distance to get a good inflater . I ll suggest a MI electric tube inflator instead.

Mohit Garg

Icetoolz VeloDuo High Pressure / Volume Mini Pump

Fast delivery, Good product

Tried inflating MTB & Hybrid tyres in real life scenarios & worked. I think a few of my co riders ordered this after seeing mine. Quality is good but not for regular use. Infact such hand pumps should be used only for emergency situations.The bracket to mount on bottle cage is a real blessing.

Denny Aloor
For emergency purpose only

Quite a compact pump with cool looks
Should fit on to a frame/saddle bag.
Getting this one as I found the mini pump from decathlon hard to use.

This one does not have an extension tube :-( which could have made the pumping easier.

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