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Challenge Tyre Bead Seating Tool


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Seat tight-fitting tires quickly and easily. The clincher mounting tool fixes to the opposing rim and rolls stubborn tire beads into place with ease. 

Put an end to snapped tire levers and sore thumbs. Installing tires can sometimes be a struggle, even after pushing the tire beads into the centre of the rim and working the bead with a tire lever, some rim/tire combinations just won’t budge. The Challenge clincher mounting tool makes light work of tight tire beads; simply position the slotted jaw onto the opposing rim and place the hook under the stubborn bead, then roll the bead over the rim into place.

Made of lightweight, durable nylon plastic. Strong and indestructable, this heavy-duty tool uses much more leverage than the weaker, more brittle tire lever. It also never intrudes with the inner tube, so you will never puncture it! And finally the nylon material avoids undesired scratches to the rim wall of your beautiful wheels during use. It can be used for tires up to 46mm.


  • Save time and effort seating stubborn tire beads.
  • Avoid pinched inner tubes.
  • Replace your tire levers.

Customer Reviews

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good tool to pull up the tyre bead

Takes a few attempts to seat the tool on the rim to pull the tyre, but once you get a hang of it, it's quite useful and saves your thumb for sure!

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