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CatEye Mirror New BM-45


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Cateye's sleek new ultralight BM-45 barend mirror easily attaches to drop and flat bars, making it perfect for all bikes. Constructed of aluminum and glass for durability and nearly distortion-free viewing, the BM-45 represent the height of handlebar mirror construction and design. Minimal projection from the bar means never having to sacrifice clean aesthetics for critical rear-view safety again.

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Initially I thought that the cost was quite high for a mirror, but on installation of the mirror on the bike, I realised it was worth every rupee and more. The quality is really good, but what is surprising is the quality of image and the wide area covered by it compared to the unobtrusive size. Definitely worth a buy.

prabuddha dasgupta
Clear visibility and wide field of vision

I ride road bikes and I have tried a different Cateye mirror before this model. The earlier mirror was very easy to adjust but the flip side was that it could easily point in a different direction.
This design is firm and the mirror too is larger and convex. I have not had the mirror striking my knee though it did touch when I had stopped in traffic and had turned the handlebars sharply to navigate between some stationary vehicles. However, being firm enough, it did not budge from its position.
Field of vision is wide and I have been able to easily see oncoming vehicles behind me.

Gaurav chand Katoch

It’s quite small but sturdy and easy to fix. Though it does it’s job but need some adjustments.

Ramesh Chandra
Cat eye Mirror

Nice Item, fitted smoothly by own tools, no need any special person.

J Vaidy
Brilliant compact mirrors.

Awesome product, sturdy and does not rattle/vibrate on our desi roads. Safety ensured.

A great piece of Kit and a well worth safety investment

This is a cute little rear view mirror which is a doddle to fit on a road bike.
Some of the reasons why everyone who is safety conscious should have a mirror

1) Very easy to fit into the handlebar of a road bike
2) Non- convex mirror - The cyclist views the rear as is in terms of distance
3) Clear view of the traffic behind you w/o too much effort as it is a non convex mirror
4) The mirror is not plastic - it is a proper mirror
5) Once properly adjusted does not get dislodged by bumps, potholes, speed breakers - A great point

Some not so good points:

1) Adjustment can be fiddly
2) Coverage area is less than a convex mirror - but this is expected as it is a non convex mirror
3) Could have been better priced

Overall - Will recommend this to all cyclists.

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