Birzman Bottle Cleat-Bottle With Bolts 650ML - Black -
Birzman Bottle Cleat-Bottle With Bolts 650ML - Black -
Birzman Bottle Cleat-Bottle With Bolts 650ML - Black -
Birzman Bottle Cleat-Bottle With Bolts 650ML - Black -

Birzman Bottle Cleat-Bottle With Bolts 650ML - Black


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Product Description

The BottleCleat strapless drinks bottle from Birzman is not attached to the frame like classic drink bottles with bottle holders, but via a fastening system directly on the frame. The bottle can be easily clipped into place using the retaining bolts attached to the bottle.

Features a patented cleat-to-clip locking mechanism that facilitates bottle accessibility and retention during rides, the BottleCleat is a compact cageless hydration solution that preserves the silhouette of the frame.

The Birzman patented retention clip is of a symmetrical construction, designed to be used on either side providing a flexible orientation of assembly according to handedness.

The bottle body is made from FDA-approved food grade LDPE, and the spout of BPA-free TPR.


  • Body Material: FDA-approved food grade LDPE
  • Spout Material: BPA-free TPR
  • Cap: HDPE
  • Volume: 650ml / 21oz
  • Temp. tolerance: -30~60 °C / -22~140 °F
  • Weight: 109g (incl.clip)
  • Size: 19 x 9.2 x 7.6cm (incl.clip)

Cageless Design

The compact cageless design preserves silhouette of the frame, made possible by the patented cleat-to-clip locking mechanism. The design facilitates bottle accessibility and retention during rides.

Flexible orientation of the clip brackets also allows assembly according to handedness.

Sizing Information

  • Size: 650ml
  • Country of origin: Taiwan

Customer Reviews

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Good concept, poor quality, broke on day 1, poorly implemented

First of all, I really like the concept of having a cageless bottle. In theory, it promises to deliver a clean look, but in reality, it doesn't work. There are some serious flaws in the quality and implementation:
1. Poor quality of plastic - In my case I could pivot the bottle at the bottom point and rotate to get a satisfying "click", and the plastic looked like it would last, however it broke on my second or third attempt, right after the installation. And I am talking about careful use, no rough stuff. I did't even get a chance to try it out on any rides. I didn't expect the plastic quality to be so poor. Check the pictures for reference.
2. It is nearly impossible to fit this and any other (normal) bottle cage in the frame. This is due to the bottle size and the protrusion on the bottle for the cleat which leaves no room for other bottle cage. And if you were planning to get two of these for your frame then just forget it. It is not possible.

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