Effetto Mariposa Giustaforza DLX 1-8 Nm Torque Wrench - Red - Cyclop.in
Effetto Mariposa Giustaforza DLX 1-8 Nm Torque Wrench - Red - Cyclop.in
Effetto Mariposa Giustaforza DLX 1-8 Nm Torque Wrench - Red - Cyclop.in
Effetto Mariposa Giustaforza DLX 1-8 Nm Torque Wrench - Red - Cyclop.in

Effetto Mariposa Giustaforza DLX 1-8 Nm Torque Wrench - Red


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Product Description

The ideal tool for both professional mechanics and cycling enthusiasts, Giustaforza 1-8 torque wrench has a very small head, to operate in tight spaces. The DELUXE version is completed with cycling-specific bits in a practical wrap package.

Exclusive Features:

  • Specifically designed for bicycle applications
  • Very easy to use
  • Extreme constructive quality for maximum reliability and durability
  • Very small, ‘non-ratcheting’ head, to operate in tight spaces
  • No batteries to replace
  • No plastic parts

Capacity from 1 up to 8 Nm
The Giustaforza 1-8 is especially attractive for very sensitive bolts. On those, where the right torque matters most, tightening values can be easily exceeded without the user knowing. Going as low as 1 Nm puts the Giustaforza 1-8 in a league on its own. In use, always refer to the torque values specified on technical documents or printed on the parts themselves.

Available versions:
The wrench is available alone or as DELUXE version, equipped with a bicycle-specific bit set and a wrap pack.

Bits include a 100 mm-long extension, three 100 mm-long bits (hex 4, hex 5 e T25) plus several other Torx and hex bits in standard length (25 mm). All bits are manufactured from S2 special steel, with very high (62 Hrc) surface hardness, to ensure maximum durability.

Detail of bits:

  • 10x25mm (HEX2, HEX2.5, HEX3, HEX6, T10, T15, T20, T30, -3/16, +PH1)
  • 3x100mm (HEX4, HEX5, T25)
  • 1x100mm (extension)

Sizing Information

  • Size - Std.
  • Country of Origin - Italy

Easy to use:

  • Set the desired torque rotating the wrench end knob, reading the torque value on the scale (scale resolution is 0.25 Nm, integers and .5 on the left, .25 and .75 on the right). IMPORTANT: the thicker line on the dial should be centered on the desired value on the scale
  • Insert the appropriate bit (depending on the bolt you need to tighten)
  • Using the tool, a loud ‘CLICK’ and a 5° free-movement tells when the torque has been reached
  • Always take the wrench to minimum torque value after use

Minimal, fixed head
The simple, ‘non-ratcheting’ head has been designed to operate where space is limited, for example with some seat clamps. This small head is a unique asset to work in tight areas. Compatible with standard 1/4” bits.

Lightweight and compact
The light aluminium body keeps the weight below 140 g, less than half the weight of other torque wrenches in this range of torque. This is paramount to get the right feedback at low torque values, without mistaking the effort to hold the tool with the applied torque. Its overall length is 145 mm.

A state-of-the art tool, built to last
Functional, linear in design and precise in any detail: Giustaforza 1-8 has a hard-anodized aluminum body with laser-etched inscriptions, and it’s built to last. The mechanical, click-type functioning makes the wrench extremely shock tolerant. The absence of batteries or electronics increases its reliability. Each sample is checked and numbered as a single masterpiece.

Calibration Service
The +-4% tolerance is guaranteed for 5000 cycles (5000 ‘clicks’), then the wrench should be re-calibrated. Calibration is a service we offer in our laboratory in Lugano (Switzerland) at the cost of 50 CHF. With every calibration, the tolerance of +-4% over nominal value will extend for 5000 cycles. After calibration, the wrench will return to the customer with a calibration certificate.

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