Mr Tuffy Ultra Lite Twin Pack -
Mr Tuffy Ultra Lite Twin Pack -
Mr Tuffy Ultra Lite Twin Pack -

Mr Tuffy Ultra Lite Twin Pack


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Mr. Tuffy Ultra-Lite, premium tire liners weight 50% less than standard tire liners. Why did Mr. Tuffy do it? To extend flat tire protection to avid cyclists who previously felt the added weight was too high a price to pay for the convenience of flat-free cycling.

New ribbed & fit curve design helps keep the liner in place for easier installation and makes for a smoother ride.

Color Code Fits Tire Size
Orange 700c x 20-25, 27" x 1"
Silver 26" x 1.5" - 1.9"
Gold 29" x 1.5" - 1.95", 700c x 35-42
  • Provides a protective layer between road hazards and inner tube
  • Advanced polyurethane micro-shell technology features a hardened protective outer layer and an ultra-soft inner layer to cushion the tube
  • Weighs less than liquid sealants or thorn-resistant tubes
  • Easy to install--no gooey mess
  • Contributes to a smooth, stable ride
  • All Mr. Tuffy and Mr. Tuffy Ultra-Lite Tire Liners are now made with a new additive that causes them to biodegrade once disposed of in a landfill or composting facility after a long and useful life

Customer Reviews

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Manoj Roy
Tough protection for the inner tubes

I was advised to use Mr Tuffy Tyre Liners for my tyres which were almost going bald due to long usage and wear and tear. Getting a replacement tyre was (and is) a difficult task so I opted for the liners till my new tyres arrived. These liners are good in terms of build quality and ample length and width to fit the prescribed tyre size. Installation was easy. The liner length was more than sufficient for my tyre, which was easily trimmed as required. Liners are really lightweight which may matter a lot for typical pro bikers (not for me ;).

Prior to this installation, I had 6 punctures in my rear tyre(inner tube) within 7-10 days. To my surprise, that totally went away with Mr Tuffy tyre liners. But the best part is after a couple of weeks when my rear tyre which was already heavily worn out, developed a big cut during the ride, the tyre did not puncture or deflate. The liner held the gap pretty well.

While replacing new tyres I was amazed to see that both liners were totally intact and fit enough to be used with the next set of tyres. Great value for money and highly recommended for people who ride a lot.


not that great

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