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CatEye Strada Cadence (CC-RD200)


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Your legs are the engine and the Strada Cadence is your tachometer. This sleek CatEye cycle computer delivers all of the essential functions of the Strada plus pedal cadence.

The Strada Cadence boasts the largest screen and numbers in its class. With the new ClickTec interface, you can switch among eight modes by simply pressing the bottom of the computer face.

Your selected mode (cadence, average speed, etc.) displays at the bottom of the screen, while your current speed always appears at the top in huge, easy-to-read numerals. An up/down arrow tells you whether you’re above or below your average speed.

The innovative FlexTight bracket mounts quickly, securely and without tools to virtually any handlebar or stem. The new tool-free speed and cadence sensor mounts effortlessly to almost any chain stay.

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Vishnu Mohan
Please don't buy

I am writing this review after 30days of use. I will never recommend this product to anyone because of the following reasons:
1. The display got faded after my first rainy ride (picture is attached), which cannot be accepted for any cycle computer.

2. Wired device and that makes inconvenience to riders while riding n cleaning.

3. Cumbersome installation process


This is very good one. I have more advanced CatEye on another bicycle (wireless and more functions), Given this units price and Cadence reading availability this is a winner in my book.

The con is installation takes a bit of more time than a wireless unit, But it is a one time investment and YouTube will hold your hand as you are installing.

Prince Sirohi
Good for the price

Its ok. If u want to measure all the parameters, including cadence, this is probably the only option in this price range. So, its wired and needs to be installed with great care and a bit of jugaad. If u are technically inclined, u will handle it ok. Doesnt come with backlight for night and does not sync with mobile phones apps. The display is small but clearly readable. I wanted to measure cadence and in my budget, this is d only options, i knew its limitations before purchasing, so i am 100% satiafied. Being wired u have to take good care of it. If u buy it, before installing, get some double sided tape to be used as padding, for sensor to bring it closure to magnet, then keep some electrical tape to wrap on double aided tape padding, and also on wires to secure them. Keep some extra cable ties with u, coz u may need it, if the installation needs some changes.

Dewain Badial
Not a great buy!!

Overall quality of product is okay. However really tricky to use it because of following reasons:

i) Cumbersome Installation process
ii) Cadence sensor needs to be less than 3 mm apart. However the strips and the material given does not take into account the fact that distance between pedals and spoke is much more and hence you need put in some ad-hoc padding to be able to achieve this
iii) Wires are very fragile. My speed sensor wire broke during installation itself

Summary - spend a bit more and get an entry level wireless computer with bluetooth cadence sensor

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