Shimano Sora R3000 Brake Caliper Black -
Shimano Sora R3000 Brake Caliper Black -
Shimano Sora R3000 Brake Caliper Black -

Shimano Sora R3000 Brake Caliper Black


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Shimano Sora BR-R3000 Brake

As Shimano's first-class 9-speed road bike groupset, SORA is pitched towards sports/fitness cyclists. With its durability and affordability it is also a perfect groupset for winter or urban commuting bikes. Now with technology adopted from higher level groupsets, both new starters and enthusiasts will feel comfortable with the features that 9-speed SORA R3000 introduces.

Whether for city riding or competitive events, SORA R3000 just made things a whole lot safer with 20% increase in rim brake performance over its previous incarnation. Dual-pivot calipers with quick release cable levers make getting wheels in and out a breeze.

Arch size:51 mm
Max. tire width:28 mm
Rim width:19-28 mm
Brake shoe:R50T5
Recommended brake lever:ST-R3000/R3030, BL-R3000
Brake pad: R50T5 brake shoes
Included in delivery: 1 front brake incl 10,5/12,5/18/27/32 mm mounting screws or 1 rear brake incl. 10.5 mm mounting screw

Customer Reviews

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Hariharasubramanian R
Genuine product at MRP

It's only in cyclop where I could find this product priced at MRP. I was pleasantly surprised to find my brake set manufactured in Malaysia, a rarity these days. I am eager to get them fixed them on my bike (waiting for my front disk brake calipers).

These are absolute genuine Shimano. The packaging could be improved (came in a slightly crumpled box).

The brakes themselves look solid and hope they will match v-brake in performance.

The paint work is greyish-black metallic finish and looks stunning.

Go for it if :
a) your bike has a caliper mount and can't fix a v-brake
b) you are looking to improve the braking performance
c) you intend to keep your bike fit and running for a few more years (else you can a new bike for a few thousand buck more :-))

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