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Skin Elements ANTI-CHAFING CREAM (300 ml)



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The box contains 20 sachets of 15 ml each.

A healthy defense against chafing and blisters caused by friction and rubbing. It has been proven to work well for cyclists, runners, athletes and will last for a long time. For non-athletes, it works great on skin irritation, heat rash, and skin disorders that cause discomfort. It is a 100% Vegan and Non-Petroleum product.

A. REDUCES BLISTERS: Reduces friction and prevents blister formation. Provides protection against skin-to-skin or skin-to-clothing friction.
B. ULTIMATE DEFENSE Consolidates the skin's surface and forms a breathable, robust protective film that prevents chafing and the formation of blisters without clogging the pores.
C. EASY TO USE: It comes in an easy to use sachet which can be easily carried along for sporting activities, The box contains 20 sachets of 15 ml each.
D. SPORTS FORMULA: For Bikers, Runners, Cyclists, Swimmers, and for all types of sporting activities. It is also recommended to be used for foot sores, new cloth sores, sweat related blisters, etc, use it anywhere skin is chafed due to friction.
E. CARING: 100% Vegan and Non-Petroleum product, paraben-free, non-greasy, and all-day natural healing protection

Customer Reviews

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M V Paul
Best for endurance riders

5 stars

Sagar Shirbhate
600Kms BRM Done ! No Soreness At All !

I did 600 Kms BRM used 2 sachets in whole ride feels comfortable and no soreness or rashes.
its very good product.


Too good ..did 216 kms cycle BRM but still no rashes

Jafar G

Its good one. A must have for all cyclist. Felt comfortable for long endurance ride..

Good Value cream, a real viable option to the imported brands

Did not buy this from Cyclop, got it directly from the Skin Elements website.

The cream is a real good option to the imported brands at a very good cost.
This box has 20 sachet's - each sachet can be used for at least two applications. Therefore 60 rides before replenishment.

I have used this cream on two rides of 3.5 Hrs. and 2.5 hours and with different quantity used on the two occasions.

The cream gives a good feeling down there. Feels soothing. Almost no friction for 3 hours, it is sticky to start with but you get used to it soon enough and forget about it.
The cream will last about 3 hours on a single application and then perhaps needs a re-application if you are riding for longer. (This has been my experience)

At the price point, I find this product very good.


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