Steadfast Nutrition Carborance -
Steadfast Nutrition Carborance -
Steadfast Nutrition Carborance -
Steadfast Nutrition Carborance -
Steadfast Nutrition Carborance -
Steadfast Nutrition Carborance -
Steadfast Nutrition Carborance -

Steadfast Nutrition Carborance


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CARBORANCE, the "Carbohydrates" for Endurance, is a long-chain complex carbs, designed especially for endurance athletes who are involved in more than 2 hours of intense activities. CARBORANCE mixes with water to meet your calorie and fluid balance requirement. No matter how preeminent or lengthy your race is, each serving becomes your constant companion that assures to provide your body with gradual energy for high intensity and prolonged activities. Additionally, it is easy to digest and one can get the necessary results after consumption.


While racing, your stomach undergoes traumatic movements. Not all stomachs have the capability to handle the artificially flavoured, sweetened and undigestible molecules profoundly present in many nutrition products in the market. Keeping these hassles of athletes in mind, we have developed CARBORANCE with a simple yet safe approach by adding only what is required during any high intensity, long duration activities.

CARBORANCE is a perfect combination of slow and fast release carbohydrates along with essential electrolytes that are drained out through sweat. The presence of these compounds promise to take you miles ahead without affecting your organs, especially without distressing your stomach. The sustained composition is made to give you energy for prolonged activities as it provides a steady release of energy passing right through the stomach. CARBORANCE matches what the gut is comfortable to absorb and so the ingredients get digested quickly and easily without taxing the digestive tract.


Carbohydrates act as the fuel to an athlete’s body and CARBORANCE is a formula designed for endurance sportspersons to provide energy for a longer period. Carbohydrates play the role of restoring energy lost during exercise or other prolonged activities. Basically, it is the major source of providing energy to a body and spares other macronutrients from getting converted to form the same. Athletes demand for additional and continuous energy support on their big day to perform at optimum levels. With CARBORANCE, an athlete is also assured to stay at bay from instant sugar spikes unlike other products that are widely available in the market.

Additionally, an athlete’s body tends to use glycogen during activities which leads him to suffer from muscle fatigue and cramps. While they are served the ideal amount of carbohydrates in their meals, they should also add CARBORANCE depending upon their age, lifestyle, metabolism and training intensity. Clinically validated and easy on the stomach, the supplement comprises of concentrated long-chain complex carbs for high intensity and prolonged activities.

How does CARBORANCE work?

The carbohydrate supplement CARBORANCE boasts natural ingredients formulated with technological advancements in a balanced composition. Deliberately mild in taste and light on stomach, it suffices the nutrition needs when on the go. It is suitable for consumption before, during and after a workout or competition to allow a sustained energy release. CARBORANCE is easy for the body to absorb and an athlete can focus on the finish line without losing energy.

Due to the presence of simple and complex carbs, one can be assured with CARBORANCE of avoiding the risks of a sudden drop in blood sugar levels. Here is a quick check on the important ingredients of the product and how their presence add benefits:

1. Maltodextrin - This complex carbohydrate has 6 to 10 glucose units working to provide gradual energy. The mild sweetness as well as ease to get digested and absorbed through the gut makes it an important ingredient of CARBORANCE. It helps sustain energy especially during endurance training and there are lower chances of insulin drops.

2. Pregelatinized Corn Starch - This ingredient acts as a source of energy by contributing a steady flow of glucose for prolonged activities. Also gluten free and low in sodium, the chances of allergies and blood pressure rise gets eliminated.

3. Sucrose - Sucrose is made by the molecular bonds glucose and fructose that tend to break down to provide slow energy. Unlike the abdominal discomfort caused during direct glucose ingestion, Sucrose reduces this experience.

4. Fructose - Like Maltodextrin, Fructose gives a sweet taste, but is comparatively low in glycemic index giving a slow and steady release of energy for working of muscle.

5. Sodium Chloride - To revive the essential fluid lost in the form of sweat, sodium chloride in CARBORANCE is added for optimal rehydration. One cannot afford to get dehydrated post workout or during a competition which is why the ingredient has been added to keep athletes at bay from headaches, being lethargic, losing concentration and more.

When to take CARBORANCE?

The best way to achieve the most of the ingredients of CARBORANCE is to consume it:

Pre-Workout: If the duration of your race or workout is for less than 2 hours, then use CARBORANCE for optimal carb-loading.

During Workout: If the duration of your race or workout is for more than 2 hours, use CARBORANCE to fuel your body on the go.

Athletes are highly recommended to take a sachet of CARBORANCE one day before their competition with all their meals. Another sachet should be taken an hour before the competition and then the same can be taken and increased during the race depending upon needs.

An athlete or fitness enthusiast should take CARBORANCE depending upon his or her sport, training intensity and lifestyle. If you are wondering how to boost energy during a workout and intense activities, 1 serving of CARBORANCE can also be taken per hour or as recommended by a dietician. As for the rest, it is necessary to maintain the dosage based on his daily meal intake, lifestyle and activities. Additionally, 60-90 g is suggested per 750 ml for optimal performance.

Who can take CARBORANCE?

CARBORANCE is a special product for all your endurance needs, designed and formulated as per the Indian Dietary Regulatory Standards. This unique energy and electrolytes formula for steady energy release meets the FSSAI 2018 guidelines and can be taken by just everyone, ranging from an endurance athlete to a person working in an office.

Endurance athletes who are into an intensive and aggressive exercise regime for more than two hours should take CARBORANCE. The formula lets you go on at a steady pace without letting you drop in the race and reach the finish line efficiently. CARBORANCE can be taken by a road biker, a mountain biker, an ultra runner or a marathon runner. It can also be consumed by a cricket player from 20-20 format to test format, and also by a swimmer or a triathlete in total. It can also be consumed by a footballer who spends 90 mins on the field to a hockey player or a badminton player who require energy to stick on the court. The product also proves safe for Diabetic Athletes as it prevents a sudden drop in blood sugar levels and prevents the sudden spike of insulin for being a slow release carbohydrate.

Anyone Else Can Take CARBORANCE?

Office goers are highly eligible to consume CARBORANCE, though depending upon their schedules. Missing out on meals due to hectic routines is common amongst this category of people which without question leads to lack of concentration and poor performance. The supplement can also work as a meal replacer wherein you can attain the required energy through carb-loading while keeping hunger at bay to keep you going around meetings and project closings for at least 2 hours. As CARBORANCE comes in single serving sachets, it is easy-to-carry and can be prepared in just minutes while on your desk or even on the go.

We believe in clean nutrition and to make it cleanest beyond cleaner, we did not add any artificial colours, flavours, preservatives or dyes to CARBORANCE. We firmly believe in the fair play ideology and thus, CARBORANCE comes without any heavy metals or steroids.




Per 100 g

Per Serving 62.5 g

*% RDA Per Serving
















of which Sugar (Sucrose)***


























1. Maltodextrin

2. Pregelatinized Corn Starch

3. Sucrose

4. Fructose

5. Sodium Chloride

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